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Case studies

HVAC / Energy savings

LEAX controls, a specialist in HVAC solutions has equiped the Gunnison recreation center with a state of the art thermal management and monitoring product.

Thanks to this new installation, the Gunnison recreation center who recently invested in one hundred of solar panels, is able to optimize its energy consumption required to heat the pools and building.


For LEAX controls:

  • Offer a nice-looking web user interface
  • Offer a solution in a short time-to-market
  • Offer a cost-effective solution
  • Develop a re-usable framework

For Gunnison center:

  • control and monitor all parameters of the process; t°, gas consumption, saved energy...
  • access data from everywhere
  • provide public access to the data (


  • The DSA/Scada framework embedded in the DLONIP Lonworks/Ethernet gateway has been customized to gather datapoints from various sources such as LEAX's HVAC Lonworks devices, Lonmark devices, BACNet devices, ...
  • A custom Silverlight template has been created to replace the DONIP's default theme and provide a custom theme for LEAX's products
  • A custom Scada service user interface has been created to fit the project's specifications and display appropriate graphs, views, controls and alarms


  • User interface is easily customized for each project by using powerfull tools such as Microsoft Expression Blend
  • Once custom datapoints provider are created, they can be re-used for other projects. The specific datapoints configuration is done by a tool provided with the DLONIP4 SDK
  • Specific actions can be take by simply writing C# code which is embedded in the DLONIP4 gateway

Efficient street lighting

RTech, a subsidiate of the Shreder international group, has worked together with DTI on Pilot street lighting projects.


  • Reduce power consumption
  • Provide dimmable, affordable lamps
  • Ease maintenance tasks
  • Dynamically control lamp's intensity and illuminated area depending on traffic conditions


  • The LED technology was chosen to bring efficiency and flexibility
  • Communication between lamps and the traffic radar has been implemented using the Lonworks Power Line technology
  • Configuration and monitoring of the system is done through a PLAUSB adapter and a .NET supervisory application built on top of Multilon


  • By controlling LED intensity and illuminated zones based on traffic requirements, it is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing users' comfort and security
  • The power-line technology make use of existing wired infrastructure and does not need additional work to be implemented. It does not suffer from radio-frequency interferences.
  • The PLAUSB, a member of the DTI Lonworks Adapters helps quickly build monitoring and configuration softwares for power-line nodes