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About Thelis

Thelis is a belgian company founded in 1988 to develop innovative solutions combining electronics and computers. In 1996 the company named DTI started to work with Lonworks technology but not like others... We developped everything needed to manage our projects, hardware and software.

This was the beginning of ancestors of the actual Multilon software. In 2001 we started development of the first Lonworks to TCP/IP gateways, the DLONIP 1. And years after years we proposed new innovations and new products.  We have been deeply involved in custom development, but not only using the Lonworks technology; this openess to various technologies has always been an advantage, especially in terms of background watch. The Lonworks products having become an important part of our activity, we decided to split our R&D activities from the Lonworks segment. R&D is performed by our sister company THELIS while DTI focuses on the Lonworks market.